How do you make your CV really stand out amongst others?

We all have an idea about the sort of work we’d like to do. Some of us would prefer to work in big technology companies like Apple, while others may find a personal connection with a charitable cause or not for profit. Whatever it is, we all know if passion is our main driver, we can definitely offer something special. So how do we convert this amazing energy and passion into our CV?

Statistics show that 95% of the time, the keywords “hardworking, passionate, and motivated”, gets passed over by recruiters. Recruiters may be yawning and, quite frankly, not caring. After all, no one likes to see the same thing over and over again. The key to marketing yourself out there is by showcasing examples with actionable examples.

Look at the example below highlighting teamwork:

I assisted in an interview panel of 4, provided support with various events such as Student Fair 2018, International Day and a role in shortlisting over 200 candidates.

I coordinated an interview panel and volunteered to construct a selection criteria for the shortlisting over 200 students. I organised display banners, stands and overlooked logistics to ensure smooth sailing of small to large-scale events (400+ students).

The first example shows things that we have done. While it brushed on teamwork by the keywords "assisted" and "provided support", there is a lack of depth on the action and it did not convey what the person had performed to the recruiter.  

The latter example infers strong examples of not only teamwork but initiative (the volunteer work of constructing the criteria), and planning (the ability to organise several items at once and ensure events are smooth).

When we write these examples, it is also important to keep in mind relevance is more important than a great example. How do we know if it is relevant? Look at the position description, if it is still unclear; give them a call with the listed contact details to figure out more. This also shows you are taking initiative and can be a good sign for employers.

By showcasing action backed, strongly relevant examples in your CV and taking the initiative to find out more if needed, you are creating a lasting impression and giving yourself every chance at gaining this job you are hoping for. This is what it means to gain an edge!

26/11/18 - Shang Lu